Oscar Aranda is a San Diego based artist and photographer. He studied studio and multimedia arts at San Diego State University, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Applied Arts and Sciences Art in 2017.

Punk rock and its subculture is the main focus of much of Aranda's photography - however, his work is not limited to just this subject. He tries to capture - in a quasi-documentary fashion - the raw nature of the punk scene in a candid and intimate manner. The genres of photography he works with are concert photography, portraits, and street photography.

The artwork that Aranda creates is whimsical, satirical, and has a macabre aesthetic; the figures depicted in his work usually have anthropomorphic traits. He creates his images via printmaking and digital illustration. Printmaking techniques he has worked with include woodcut, dry point, aquatint, mono-print, lithography, and letterpress.To create his digital illustrations, he first draws the images with graphite pencils, then takes photos of the work, and then transfers them to Adobe Photoshop where he adds color, details, and finishing touches.